Free traffic using simple little articles you can crank out in minutes
is hotter and more effective than ever!

Fig. 1 -- Article Architect Keeps You Organized (Automatically)

Article Architect will help you research niche topics, find loads of information about the topic so you can write great articles, will help you write the articles and keep track of them, and even help you submit them to as many article directories as you want.

There are more ways to generate traffic than there are crooks in politics, but most of them require you to...

And that's the big appeal to article marketing -- you can write a simple little article (even something as short as 250-300 words!) and that can generate traffic for you today...

...and for literally YEARS to come!

Do you want to drive more traffic to your sites with article marketing? Article Architect will help you do that!

Do you want to make affiliate sales using articles with bum marketing? Article Architect will help you do that!

"I look for any excuse to write with your software!"

The software is getting better and better. The first version was great for me. I could write, re-write my articles like a knife slicing butter. Now with the "tree structure," I feel like I am in control of all the material produced. I can see "publish to blog" is going to be a great tool for me as well.

Really Jay, I look for any excuse to write with your software. I don't know how I managed to write any of my articles without it.

In conclusion, I don't need any external tools for my writing needs.

Thank you very, very much and keep up the great work."

- Paul Marin

Create unlimited projects. With a different project for each niche you're targeting, you'll be able to keep all of your articles organized and at your fingertips.

Write more articles in less time. With everything laid out in an intuitive order and a fill-in-the-blanks operation, you can make quick work of cranking out article after article.

Publish to Wordpress. Select one or more articles and publish them to your Wordpress blog. And yes, they can be scheduled so they show up in the future, hands off!

Target specific keywords or phrases. Do you like a keyword density of 3%, 4%, 5%? AA will keep track of how you're doing as you create your article.

See at a glance how your marketing is doing. The overview screen shows total article written, total articles submitted, pages views, and even income generated from the articles.

Submitting made easy. While Article Architect is not an article submitter, it does have point-and-click capabilities to make article submission much faster than doing it by hand. And in v2, it even easier with "auto-fill" fields!

Add hundreds of article directories. Add your favorites and include important information like your username and password. Also the minimum and maximum number of words each directory will accept (AA will warn you if you try and circumvent that!).

Importing is a breeze! Import a single article, or an entire folder full of articles at once! Finally you can get a handle on all those article bundles laying around your hard drive!

Save keywords and phrases. Keep a list of keywords and phrases that you'll target with your articles (all organized by project, of course).

Real-time word and character count. Don't worry about typing a resource box that's too long, or an article that's too short -- AA will keep track of how long each is.

"This Cut My Article Creation Time By 75%!"

"With the content resource feature, the article template with spellchecker, and the article submission capabilities within one program, this software has cut my article creation time by 75%, which has allowed me write a lot more articles. I have been able to drive tons for free traffic to all of my websites thanks to this software."

- TJ Cook

Title brainstormer helps with writer's block. Fill in 4 blanks, click a button, and dozens of great headlines are generated. Tweak one to fit your needs exactly, or use one as-is!

Go crazy with highlights. Highlight articles, search phrases, directories -- color 'em so you can keep track of them the way you want. (And yes, of course you can add your own colors to the list!)

Pen name, A/K/A, alias, pseudonym.... Whatever you want to call it, be whomever you want by creating multiple bio (resource) boxes for your articles. Multiple projects X multiple articles X multiple bio boxes = I can't count that high!

Quickly peek at an article. See the text of an article with a quick pop-up window -- no need to open the entire article.

Easily rewrite your articles. Cool rewrite module shows you an article one paragraph at a time -- makes it very quick and easy to rewrite one of your existing articles and end up with a brand new article.

Email an article to your mom! Right-click, choose Email Article, and AA will format the article the way you want. Click another button and your Mother (or anyone else) can see how clever you are. (Infinite email templates are supported, two are supplied.)

Track your progress. Journal notes keep track of when you create or import an article, email it, publish to your blog, submit it to a directory, etc. You'll be able to automatically follow the "life" of each article.

Update page views. Some article directories tell you how many page views your article has had -- toss that into Article Architect and keep track of the articles that people are reading the most.

I'll remind you to work on an article. Well, my robot will. Choose the Send Reminder option and in a few days (you choose) you'll receive a reminder email so you know to get on the ball and get it finished and submitted!

"This Is A Must-Have Tool!"

"Hi Jay, I just wanted to tell you that I love this thing! I have been using it to write, organize and submit my articles and I don't think I could do without it now. You've got a great product here, something that anyone who writes lots of articles and uses article marketing will find to be a "must have" tool. Thank you so much!!!"

- Donna Hill

Grab tons of raw materials for creating articles. The guts of my best-selling Sonic Snooper has been folded into Article Architect -- now you can easily mine the search engines to find raw material that you can turn into an article.

Export one or more articles. Create your own template (hey, maybe even an HTML template to spit out a web page?) or use the one included to export one or many articles as a text file.

Import hundreds of articles. Members of Sonic Toolkit can view and import hundreds of articles -- every month.

Write more articles in less time. Yeah, I know I already said that, but that's the big reason why I created Article Architect.

Tag, you're it! Quickly and easily use basic HTML tags in your articles to make them more snazzy. A lot of article directories allow basic HTML, now you can tag 'em up inside Article Architect!

There's no sense in working harder than you have to. And when you find a tool that can help you get more done in less time and make a boring task exciting, you owe it to yourself to grab it -- and use it!

There are people everyday who are jumping into bum marketing and making money as affiliates -- and people who have their own products are using article marketing to drive traffic to their own sites (and some smart folks are doing a combination of the two).

Risk-Free Guarantee

All the risk is on me, none on you -- because I'm giving you 60 days (yes, two full months!) to decide whether Article Architect is as great as I (and the other people on this site) say.

If you don't believe it lives up to my claims, even up to 60 days later, ask for your money back! You don't have to jump through hoops, just ask for a refund and you will promptly get it!

That means you're not risking a penny to find out whether Article Architect is really a fantastic program.

The power and convenience of Article Architect can be yours right away because AA is a digital download -- for just $47.00 you can download the latest version and get started in minutes!

I use a secure server so you can order with no worries. And you get directed to the download page immediately, so you can order even when it's 3AM here in Alaska and I'm fast asleep!

Buying software is such a crapshoot because what if the next version that comes out is better? Who wants to pay an upgrade fee just to get the new features?

"Free Updates For Life!"

To give you complete peace-of-mind I'm going to do something I've never done before -- I'm going to give you FREE updates for life! Article Architect has had some great new features added in the past and there are even more powerful features planned for the future. And if you buy right now you will get to use the great features of Article Architect now... you will receive EVERY new update that comes in the future!

- Jay Jennings
Article Architect Developer


5 Good Reasons To Buy

Using simple little articles is a proven way to drive pre-qualified, targeted traffic to your web site. (Pssst! And it's free!)

Thousands of people are using Article Architect to make article marketing faster and easier -- you can, too.

You can go from writing an article, to posting it to your blog, to putting on your site as a web page -- all without leaving Article Architect.

The 60-day money-back guarantee means you don't have to wonder whether Article Architect will work for you -- you'll have plenty of time to try it out.

Free updates for life mean you get all the current goodness, and then all the new features in the future!


No Longer Available

PS - Article Architect is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.


"A Dream Come True!"

"This is one extensive looking piece of software that's perfect for article marketers like myself. This looks like a Bum Marketer's dream come true. Congratulations on helping me stay organized with my writing projects."

- Dean Shanin - The Bum Marketing Wiz

"Helps Me To Write Articles Quicker Than Ever Before!"

"Hi Jay, I am one of the most disorganized person I know and Article Architect has helped me to keep track of my articles, and how much each article pull which enables me to track my ROI. Article Architect keeps my articles filed in an easy to view file along with all the keywords relating to that particular niche. Article Architect helps me to write articles quicker than ever before thanks to the snoop. I love Article Architect and could not imagine writing articles without it."

- Karen Bailey

"It Has Saved Me A Lot Of Time!"

"This software is outstanding. Just what I have been looking for in helping me keep my article writing organized. This is a must have for anyone doing "Bum Marketing". One of my favorite aspects of the software is how I can add in my articles to any number of categories that I specifically use and then submit my articles to directories I also use. It has saved me a lot of time and allows me to keep track of everything. "

- Terry Edwards

"This Product Rocks!"

"This product rocks! You've managed to pull all the tools I need for article marketing into one streamlined package. And at that price? It's a no brainer! Time management and organization are two constant struggles for me...and this should help with both."

- Debbi Bressler

"One Of The Few Tools I Simply Can't Do Without!"

"Generally I'm not big on giving testimonials for products. However, in the case of Article Architect, I'm happy to make an exception. Jay has created an absolutely top-notch product for researching, writing and tuning articles for Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Nothing on the market compares in terms of features and ease of use. And Article Architect is priced lower than an comparable product out there, making it an incredible bargain. The brilliance of this product is that Jay clearly thought through the steps any article marketer takes to create a well researched, well written article that is also SEO tuned for search engine rankings on specific keywords. And with that process in mind, Jay created Article Architect to step the article writer through each phase until what emerges is a finely tuned article. I use this product on a near daily basis and it is one of the few tools I simply can't do without. Do yourself a favor. Get this product if you do any sort of article marketing. You won't be sorry!"

- Iggy, the Sexy Iguana

"Well Conceived And Highly Functional!"

"Hi, your software is great, this is a well conceived and highly functional piece of software."

- George Litvine

"Simplicity And Ease-Of-Use!"

"I found this very useful for submitting articles to various article submission sites. Keep up the great work, Jay - I have always been a fan of your products for their simplicity & ease of use, and still they produce great results."

- Swaminathan Viramani

"I Wouldn't Be Without Article Architect!"

"I bought Article Architect as soon as it came out, knowing how good Jay's products usually are, and I was certainly not disappointed. I use Article Architect as often as I can, together with a separate niche finding software package. I then import the niche keywords that it produces into Article Architect (great new feature, Jay!), do some research and snooping within AA, and then output the results to Notepad. A quick complete rework of these results, usually under 20 minutes, and I have a completely new article to load back into Article Architect. I then use AA to submit the article to the pre-loaded article sites within AA (another half hour), and that's another article written and submitted in under an hour! AA's record keeping facility lets me know who I've submitted the article to, which is a great feature - before AA, I used to try to remember in my head, without much success. I would also like to point out that when I couldn't get AA to run (through no fault of AA - I couldn't run any other programs either), I emailed Jay with my problem, and he came right back, identifying the fault as a problem with my Firefox. I can also recommend the interactive support site, which should sort out any questions you might have. All in all, as a regular writer of articles, I wouldn't be without Article Architect now, and I unreservedly recommend it to anyone using article marketing."

- Peter Phillips

"It Just Can't Get Any Better Than This! "

"A recent update to the software now allows you to import your own keywords list. It just can't get any better than this. I highly recommend this software and use it a whole lot for all of my article marketing!"

- Geri Stogsdill

"A Well Thought Out Piece Of Software!"

"Jay! What a well thought out piece of software... Article Architect makes it as easy as possible to plan, organize, develop, distribute, and track my writing. I look for what I call "Nuts and Bolts" software and this one fits the profile and then some! I have also personally sent emails with information requests and you have been faithful to stand by your products. I have many of your other softwares as well, all well worth the price, but I consider AA a treasured title among them. Keep up the outstanding work!"

- Terry Canfield - The "Doc" of Talk!

"For Anyone Who Is Serious About Article Marketing! "

"Article Architect is a wonderful Article Marketing software. What I love about Article Architect is the Reasearch function. It enables you to Snoop articles and see what the competition is writing about. It is easy to use, and very functional and excellent support team who are responsive to your needs. I would recommend this product to anyone who is serious about article marketing!"

- Vincent Foster

"I Couldn't Produce So Much Without Article Architect!"

"Without a lot of hot air, I simply couldn't produce the articles that I have accomplished without Article Architect! Thanks so much Jay."

- Rick O'Neill

"I Don't Know How I Got By Without It!"

"Great program for keeping track of my articles and keywords. I don't know how I got by without it."

- Will Feldman

"Simplifies And Organizes Everything!"

"Great little piece of work. Simplifies, and organizes everything for me. The new add keyword option is great. Article Architect is one of two tools I use for writing articles."

- Dave Stratis

"The Best Money I Have Spent On Tools! "

"Jay, thank you so very much, I love your AA. It has worked wonders for me and my online business. AA has made my article writing so easy that even this old grandpa can use it. AA is user friendly and out of all the software trials I have tried it is by far the best. When I bought it I soon found out that it was some of the best money I have spent on tools to help my business. Thanks again. P.S. your support system is excellent!"

- Jack Gordon


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